2022 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

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The 2022 Harris Interclub Competition was held at Southern Suburbs Chess Club (Leeming Primary School) on Sundays 21st and 28th August.

This year's events was a great Harris Edwardes tournament enjoyed by all. Maybe a record number of 64 players for the 64-square game!

Seven different clubs competed - maybe another record - thanks to Southern Suburbs, Perth, UWA, Kingsley, Warwick, Academy and Bunbury.

All games will be ACF rated (hopefully in the September ratings list) which should see many players gain a rating for the first time.

Congratulations to Southern Suburbs for claiming back the Harris Shield from UWA in a tense final won on the bottom two boards.

Also congratulations to Perth for a clean sweep with both teams in the final in Division B (won by Perth B) and also taking out Division C in a final against Southern Suburbs.

Special mention for upsets goes to our young ladies Anoushka Gupta (ACF 881), who beat Gavin Soutar (1900), and unrated Yasmina Cavosie-Pletsch, who beat Bekzod Rasulov (1548).

Report kindly provided by Ian McAteer - CAWA GP Coordinator

Final Standings


1st: Southern Suburbs - winning the final 2.5 to 1.5 against UWA
2nd: UWA Chess Association
3rd: Perth
4th: Academy


1st: Perth B - winning the final 2.5 to 1.5 against Perth A
2nd: Perth A
3rd: Southern Suburbs
4th: Kingsley
5th: Warwick
6th: Academy


1st: Perth - winning the final 2.5 to 1.5 against Southern Suburbs
2nd: Southern Suburbs
3rd: Bunbury B - winning on a count back after a 2.0 - 2.0 tie in the play-off against Bunbury A
4th: Bunbury A
5th: Academy
6th: Kingsley

Team Score Sheets

2022 Harris Edwardes Open Division

2022 Harris Edwardes U/1950 Division

2022 Harris Edwardes U/1550 Division

Previous Harris Shield Winners

 1958/59  Postal Institute  1981/82  Metropolitan A  2003  Fremantle
 1959/60  Perth  1982/83  Metropolitan A  2004  No event
 1960/61  Perth  1983/84  Perth A  2005  Midland
 1961/62  Metropolitan  1984/85  Metropolitan A  2006  Huntingdale
 1962/63  Perth  1985/86  Metropolitan A  2007  No event
 1963/64  Metropolitan  1986/87  Metropolitan A  2008  Huntingdale
 1965       Perth  1987/88  Metropolitan A  2009  Huntingdale
 1966       Perth  1988/89  Willetton  2010  Metropolitan
 1967       North Suburban  1989/90  No event  2011  Huntingdale
 1968       North Suburban  1990/91  Willetton  2012  Huntingdale
 1969       Metropolitan  1991/92  Willetton  2013  Huntingdale
 1970       Metropolitan  1992/93  Metropolitan A  2014  Metropolitan
 1971       Metropolitan  1993/94  St Brigids  2015  Southern Suburbs
 1972       Metropolitan  1994/95  SAKK 64  2016  Southern Suburbs
 1973       North Suburban  1995/96  Fremantle  2017  Southern Suburbs
 1974       University  1996/97  Midland A  2018  Southern Suburbs
 1975       Perth STH  1997/98  Midland A  2019  Southern Suburbs
 1976       Metropolitan  1998       Fremantle  2020  Southern Suburbs
 1977/78  Perth  1999       Fremantle  2021  University of WA
 1978/79  Metropolitan A  2000       Fremantle & Midland  2022  Southern Suburbs
 1979/80  Willetton  2001       Midland
 1980/81  Metropolitan A  2002       Midland