2004 Club Teams Lightning

This year the club teams lightning competition was held on Sunday 28 March at the Chess Centre Kings Hotel. 7 teams consisting of 21 players competed. To begin the event, a round robin all play all was held before lunch followed by a 4 round swiss. The teams consisted of:

A Division

Midland Maestros (T. Hare, J. Lakner, R. Maris)
Metronix (A. Hardegen, R. Shaw & N. Maris)

B Division

The Dirty Forkers (R. Johnstone, G. Dunlop & T. Lockwood)
Midland Patzers (J. Fedec, S. Payne & A. Filose)
Perth Chess Club (A. Patron, A. Janceski & M. Saxon)

C Division

Hale Marauders (M. Bausok, N. Kabik & M. Arnold)
Hungry Pawns (N. Rozells, G. Booth & M. Haselgrove)

Preliminary Scores

    Team Name  	              Score   

 1. Midland Maestros		8
 2. Perth Chess Club		6
 3. Metronix			5.5
 4. Midland Patzers		5
 5. Hungry Pawns		5
 6. The Dirty Forkers		4
 7. Hale Marauders              1


 Midland Maestros   2.5 - 0.5   Metronix

 Perth Chess Club   1.0 - 2.0   Midland Patzers

 Hungry Pawns       3.0 - 0.0   Hale Marauders	 

Major Prizes

Winning Team overall (name on shield): Midland Maestros
A chess clock for the winning team in each division : Midland Maestros, Midland Patzers & Hungry Pawns.

Novelty Prizes

First win in round 1: Sophie Payne
Fastest win: R. Shaw (1 min 4 sec)
Biggest upset: M. Bausok (unr) beating G. Dunlop.