2005 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2005 Harris Edwardes competition consisted of eight teams from four clubs and was played in three divisions. The competition ran at the South Perth Legacy Centre on Friday nights. This was the smallest number of teams in many years and the format will need to be reviewed. Ideas to Gordon Dunlop will be appreciated. The A and C division were played as a three match playoff between the two teams participating. The B division had a Round Robin preliminary series between the four teams participating.

Congratulations to Midland for a very convincing win in the A division against Fremantle. The 2000 rated players were no match for the Fremantle team.

The Perth team were able to defeat the Metro B team 3.0/1.0 in a controversial final to win the Edwardes trophy. The match results were very close in all preliminary rounds.

With only two teams in the C division the Metropolitan club were always going to win the C division. As anticipated the Metro C1 team won convincingly.

With only 2 rounds played in the A and C division several players received perfect scores. In the B division only Peter Dix received a perfect score of 3 from 3 in the preliminary rounds.

A Division Midland A Fremantle A Match Game
Midland A 3-1; 4-0 4 7
Fremantle A 1-3; 0-4 0 1

A Division won by Midland.

B Division Metro B Midland B Perth Fremantle B Match Game
Metro B   2.5-1.5 2.5-1.5 2.5-1.5 6 7.5
Midland B 1.5-2.5   1.5-2.5 1.5-2.5 0 4.5
Perth 1.5-2.5 2.5-1.5   2.5-1.5 4 6.5
Fremantle B 1.5-2.5 2.5-1.5 1.5-2.5   2 5.5

B Division won by Perth.

C Division Metro C1 Metro C2 Match Game
Metro C1 3-1; 3.5-0.5 4 6.5
Metro C2 1-3; 0.5-3.5 0 1.5

C Division won by Metro C1.