2006 Club Teams Lightning

The 2006 Teams Lightning event was held at the Legacy Centre on Sunday 10th December. A total of twelve teams competed in three divisions for prizes of engraved electronic clocks and other individual prizes. This was the largest number of teams that have entered in this tournament and was enjoyed by all participants. It was followed by presentations for Junior and Senior Grand Prix awards, Team events and some individual awards.

The tournament was run as a Round Robin of all twelve teams followed by finals between the top two teams in each division. In the finals, teams could choose to have the White pieces on boards 1 and 3 needing two points to win the match, or take the Black pieces on those boards needing only 1.5 points to win the match.

The finals results were:

President's Patzers defeated Barber's Barbarians BA (2.0-1.0).
The President's Patzers chose to take the White pieces on Boards 1 & 3 needing two points to win the match and achieved the required two points. In the open division all 3 teams ended up on a score of 10 match wins out of 11 rounds. Full credit to the much lower rated Fremantle team for their performance. They only narrowly missed out on the finals on a count back of game scores.

Yangebup Club defeated Hale BA (3.0-0.0).
The score for this match was a surprise result ,as in the preliminary rounds the result was 3-0 the other way. The previous match was played with the reverse colours. Hale BA lead at the end of the preliminary rounds and chose to play two black boards.

Under 1000
The Williams Family defeated Rusty Peanuts (3.0-0.0).
The Williams Family team achieved an excellent result for the day and would have been eligible to play in the Reserves final based on match points. They chose to play two black boards.

There were some novelty prizes worth noting.
1. First win of the tournament went to Veronica Williams.
2. Biggest upset prizes went to Ryan Sam for defeating Ray Johnstone for a rating difference of 558 and to Chris Boni for defeating John Fedec for a rating difference of 557.
3. DOP's prize went to Rudy Williams for participating in the tournament with his family, although without great success, against very competitive teams.


Preliminary Round Results

Final Standings

 Place Name                        Feder Rtg  Loc Score Berg. Wins  

 1-3   President's Patzers               2000     10    46.00   10
       Barber's Barbarians               1950     10    46.00   10
       Fremantle                         1750     10    46.00   10
 4     Hale BA                           1200     8     28.00    8
 5     Williams Family                   920      6     17.50    5
 6     Yangebup Club                     1200     5     13.50    5
 7-8   Rusty Peanuts                     860      4.5   13.00    4
       Snipers Dream Team Mod 8          900      4.5   11.00    4
 9     Seton Catholic College            1100     3.5    8.25    3
 10    The Champions                     820      2.5    6.75    2
 11    Knights of the Gold Trian         760      1.5    2.75    1
 12    Team Rudi                         900      0.5    0.75    0

Cross Table

 No  Name                        Feder Rtg   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12   

 1.  President's Patzers               2000  #  W  L  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W 
 2.  Barber's Barbarians               1950  L  #  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W 
 3.  Fremantle                         1750  W  L  #  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W 
 4.  Hale BA                           1200  L  L  L  #  W  W  W  W  W  W  W  W 
 5.  Yangebup Club                     1200  L  L  L  L  #  L  L  W  W  W  W  W 
 6.  Seton Catholic College            1100  L  L  L  L  W  #  L  L  W  L  D  W 
 7.  Williams Family                   920   L  L  L  L  W  W  #  D  W  D  W  W 
 8.  Snipers Dream Team Mod 8          900   L  L  L  L  L  W  D  #  W  L  W  W 
 9.  Team Rudi                         900   L  L  L  L  L  L  L  L  #  L  L  D 
 10. Rusty Peanuts                     860   L  L  L  L  L  W  D  W  W  #  L  W 
 11. The Champions                     820   L  L  L  L  L  D  L  L  W  W  #  L 
 12. Knights of the Gold Trian         760   L  L  L  L  L  L  L  L  D  L  W  #

2006 Lightning Teams

President's Patzers
Tristan Boyd 2239
Stephanus Kurniawan 2133
John Fedec 1878

Barbers Barbarians
Kathryn Ann Cruz 1900
Tim Hare 2050
Andrew Hardegen 1881

Miles Haselgrove 1918
Ray Johnstone 1728
Alex DeHeer 1590

Yangebup Club
Bernard Laugery 1276
Edik Gilmetdinov 1190
Banner Schafer
Hale BA
Robin Shaw 1784
Sean Gilleran 820
Matthew Arnold 1230

Seton Catholic College
Chris Boni 1321
Shyam Balaji 1250
Taigo Yano 660
Arjun Balaji 690
Joseph Thompson 730

Knights of the Gold Triangle
Adam Kelly 770
Darby Thurtell 750
George Carolin-Unkovich 760

Snipers Dream Team Mod 8
Edwin Nie 830
Derek Pijls 710
Michael Warton 630
Rusty Peanuts
Amy Brown 880
James Brown 720
John Moritz 980

Williams Team
Veronica Williams 740
Verity Williams 990
William Williams 1030

Team Rudy
Rudy Williams 1003
Neil Shah
Rowan Shah
Sarah Moritz

The Champions
Ryan Sam 1170
Sylvie Carolin-Unkovich 600
Jesse Carolin-Unkovich 690