2008 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2008 Harris Edwardes competition received entries for two teams in each of the three divisions and was held as a single match competition at Metropolitan Chess Club on the 24th July.

Without preliminary rounds special rules were created for a tie break but were not required as the scores were decisive in each division.

Trophies will be awarded after the Teams Lightning event in December.

Report by Gordon Dunlop.

A Division

 Huntingdale defeated Metro A (2.5 to 1.5)

 M. Horstmann		draw		A. Hardegen
 H. Barber		1-0		M. Vlietstra  
 T. Hare		1-0		L. Taylor
 D. Holland		0-1		G. Dunlop

B Division

 Perth B defeated Metro B (2.5 to 1.5)

 R. List		draw		R. Baumgartner  
 P. Dix			1-0		R. Shaw
 A. Janceski		1-0		M. Jahangirian
 A. Patron		0-1		C. Cuellar

C Division

 Perth C defeated Metro C (2.5 to 1.5)

 M. Daniels		1-0		W. Sheridan  
 J. Klimzak		draw		K. Taylor
 C. Walker		0-1		A. Arnold
 V. Markou		1-0		T. Allsop