2009 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2009 Harris Edwardes competition received entries for two teams in each of the three divisions and was held as a single match competition at Metro Chess Club on the 11th of June.  Without preliminary rounds special rules were created for a tie break but were not required as the scores were decisive in each division.

In the Open Division Huntingdale again won by only a draw.  On board 2 a small error set Peter back early in the game, while John struggled on for longer against Tim.  Gordon may have given away a won position after a lively opening on the lower board when Dennis missed better continuations.  This left Michael able to play his own game since his team had already won.  While under time pressure he spurned the draw and played on for a win, only to lose. Well done Huntingdale.

In the B & C divisions a reversal of fortune occurred from last year when Perth won both divisions over Metro.  A revived Metro (and also suffering from a recent overwhelming defeat in an interclub match) was able to regain some esteem with their wins.  Well done Metro.

We look forward to more team entries next year.  If you can form a team with a common link through work or your chess club then plan for this event in May/June 2010.  If we can have more than two teams in each division then a preliminary round of fixtures will be held before the Finals.

A Division

 Huntingdale defeated Metro A   (2.5 - 1.5)

 M. Horstmann		0-1	     T. Boyd
 H. Barber		1-0	     P. Roza
 T. Hare		1-0	     J. Fedec
 D. Holland		draw	     G. Dunlop  

B Division

 Metro B defeated Perth  B    (2.5 - 1.5)

 D. Elkington		1-0	    R. List
 R. Baumgartner		1-0	    N. Tomic
 R. Shaw		draw	    N. Maris
 C. Cuellar		0-1	    A. Patron  

C Division

 Metro C defeated Perth  C  (3.5 - 0.5)

 W. Lubtschenko		1-0	    F. Maris
 K. Taylor		draw	    J. Klimzak  
 R. Pilgrim		1-0	    V. Markou
 G. Adam		1-0	    C. Walker