2010 WA Junior Allegro Championship

Played at Applecross Senior High School on the 7th of August.

This year's WA Junior Allegro was, once again, held at Applecross Senior High School. The school always provides a good venue for our competitions and we thank them, and also Denis McMahon, who arranges everything for us and gives up a Saturday to provide access to the buildings.

This competition is unique on our calendar in that players of all ages compete in the one tournament. This is designed to allow all players to compete for the WA Title without sacrificing Grand Prix points in a younger age division. Because of this, we play 8 rounds instead of 7. This causes inevitable problems but is meant to give a better chance of producing clear winners in all of the divisions. As you can see, this was not the case this year and we had ties for first in every division! The Prizegiving looked a lot like a Lucky Dip as players rummaged around in a box of spare trophies for something that suited them. At least, it meant that more players won a prize. The overall competition ended up as a four-way tie: Neville Shah (U18), Chirag Saroha (U18), William Williams (U14) and Adam Kelly (U14). Neville was the only player not to lose any games, and won the countback to decide the WA Champion.

In the Under 18 division, Neville and Chirag obviously finished equal winners. Joshua Bouwman had to defeat his friend and schoolmate, Matthew Duke, in the last round to secure third place, just a half a point behind the winners. Lee Harris-Brown and Michael Lee also finished quite close. It was particularly encouraging to see 11 players in the Under 18s, a division where we usually struggle for decent numbers.

Similarly, in the Under 14 division, William and Adam finished equal first. This could be a breakthrough result for Adam. The quality of their result can be seen in the one and a half point gap to the players who finished equal third: Daniel D'Angelo and Vaughan Greenberger.

The Under 12s was another very close division. Varun Mukhedkar and Sean Vettor tied for first, a half a point ahead of Andrew Savory, with another half point to Kieran Dullabh, Patrick Olofsson and Gavin Tay.

Similarly, the Under 10s was a bit of a slug fest, with the lead changing a number of times. David Stebbins and Ignatius Yap ended up equal first. David played a number of strong players in the middle of the tournament and Ignatius finished with three wins in a row to produce his best result yet. Jonty Pearson, Matthew Ashworth and Indira Savory all tied for third place, a half a point behind the winners. Jonty did particularly well, showing a massive improvement since we last saw him. After losing his first two games, he won four games in a row to take the lead in the Under 10s, before struggling at the finish. Still, it was a great result from someone who scored only 1.5/9 in the WA Junior Under 10, and who is just 7 years old.

Jack South and I ran the tournament, with the usual assistance from parents and spectators. We had 44 players in total, a pleasing total for one of out toughest tournaments. There were quite a few very promising players competing, from whom we expect great things in the future.

Steven Pearson is in the process of setting up a High Performance Centre for Chess, where groups of four players will form a squad and train for one and a half hours every second week. Steven is a very strong Chessplayer and, judging by the improvement shown by his son Jonty, is a pretty good coach as well. Steven's contact details are listed under the Maccabi Junior Club on the CAWA website. Please contact him if you are interested.

Report by Haydn Barber.

2010 WA Junior Allegro - Cross Table

  No Name               Feder Rtg   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    

  1  Shah, Neville            18   27:W 14:W 13:W  2:D  6:D  5:W  7:W  4:D
  2  Saroha, Chirag           18   34:W 16:W  5:W  1:D  3:L 15:W  6:W  9:W
  3  Williams, William        14   21:W 24:W 10:W  9:W  2:W  6:D  4:L  8:W
  4  Kelly, Adam              14   35:W  7:L 29:W 12:W 10:W  8:W  3:W  1:D
  5  Bouwman, Joshua          18   41:W 28:W  2:L 14:W 18:W  1:L 20:W 11:W
  6  Harris-Brown, Lee        18   17:D 26:W 19:W  7:W  1:D  3:D  2:L 18:W
  7  Lee, Michael             18   40:W  4:W 15:D  6:L 26:W 18:W  1:L 16:W
  8  Mukhedkar, Varun         12   32:W 11:L 21:W 15:W  9:W  4:L 13:W  3:L
  9  D'Angelo, Daniel         14   23:W 25:W 11:W  3:L  8:L 14:W 22:W  2:L
 10  Tynas, Adam              18   31:W 33:W  3:L 22:W  4:L 12:W 11:L 21:W
 11  Duke, Matthew            18   20:W  8:W  9:L 18:L 32:W 33:W 10:W  5:L
 12  Vowles, Zachary          18   30:W 15:L 23:W  4:L 27:W 10:L 31:W 20:W
 13  Greenberger, Vaughan     14   36:W 18:W  1:L 28:- 34:W 19:W  8:L 22:W
 14  Vettor, Sean             12   39:W  1:L 38:W  5:L 35:W  9:L 32:W 23:W
 15  Stebbins, David          10   29:W 12:W  7:D  8:L 24:W  2:L 16:L 26:W
 16  Savory, Andrew           12   45:W  2:L 27:D 26:L 17:W 25:W 15:W  7:L
 17  Yap, Ignatius            10    6:D 19:L 26:L 45:W 16:L 37:W 28:W 27:W
 18  Dullabh, Kieran          12   38:W 13:L 32:W 11:W  5:L  7:L 33:W  6:L
 19  Olofsson, Patrick        12   26:D 17:W  6:L 27:D 28:W 13:L 23:L 31:W
 20  Pearson, Jonty           10   11:L 27:L 41:W 21:W 25:W 26:W  5:L 12:L
 21  Ashworth, Matthew        10    3:L 37:W  8:L 20:L 36:W 29:W 24:W 10:L
 22  Xie, Michael             18   28:L 45:W 36:W 10:L 31:W 24:W  9:L 13:L
 23  Tay, Gavin               12    9:L 43:W 12:L 39:L 37:W 34:W 19:W 14:L
 24  Savory, Indira           10   37:W  3:L 35:W 31:W 15:L 22:L 21:L 33:W
 25  Rebello, Charlton        14   43:W  9:L 31:L 29:W 20:L 16:L 36:W 32:W
 26  Lin, Johnson             18   19:D  6:L 17:W 16:W  7:L 20:L 35:W 15:L
 27  Shitole, Yash            12    1:L 20:W 16:D 19:D 12:L 28:D 30:W 17:L
 28  Israel, Jonathan         18   22:W  5:L 33:W 13:- 19:L 27:D 17:L 39:W
 29  Veettil, Abhinov         12   15:L 30:W  4:L 25:L 40:W 21:L 39:D 34:W
 30  Chia, Jadon              12   12:L 29:L 34:L 42:D 43:W 39:W 27:L 41:W
 31  Weeda, Alex              14   10:L 41:W 25:W 24:L 22:L 35:W 12:L 19:L
 32  Pearson, Lynton          12    8:L 39:W 18:L 40:W 11:L 38:W 14:L 25:L
 33  Choudhury, Avijoy Roy    14   42:W 10:L 28:L 38:W 39:W 11:L 18:L 24:L
 34  Joye, Eli                12    2:L 36:L 30:W 37:W 13:L 23:L 38:W 29:L
 35  Dharmapuri, Amul         10    4:L 40:W 24:L 36:W 14:L 31:L 26:L 42:W
 36  Tay, Casey               10   13:L 34:W 22:L 35:L 21:L 42:W 25:L 45:W
 37  Tak, Sayalee             10   24:L 21:L 42:W 34:L 23:L 17:L 40:W 43:W
 38  Choudhury, Ovik          10   18:L 42:W 14:L 33:L 41:W 32:L 34:L 40:W
 39  Serra, David             12   14:L 32:L 45:W 23:W 33:L 30:L 29:D 28:L
 40  Choudhury, Omrik         12    7:L 35:L 43:W 32:L 29:L 41:W 37:L 38:L
 41  Shaw, Dylan              10    5:L 31:L 20:L 43:W 38:L 40:L 45:W 30:L
 42  Pinguet, Diana           10   33:L 38:L 37:L 30:D 45:D 36:L 43:D 35:L
 43  Coe, Amie                10   25:L 23:L 40:L 41:L 30:L 45:W 42:D 37:L
 44  Bhardwaj, Dhruv          12    0:W  0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:
 45  Mukhedkar, Varad         10   16:L 22:L 39:L 17:L 42:D 43:L 41:L 36:L