2010 Teams Lightning Championship

Report by Gordon Dunlop:

The 2010 Teams Lightning event was held at the Moresby Hall on Sunday 12th December. A total of fourteen teams competed in four divisions. The prizes consisted of cash prizes, Xmas stockings with champagne for the overall winners. Electronic clocks held by the association will be engraved to recognize the division winners and will be used at future tournaments. Xmas stockings were given to the runners up in each division. The event was held in traditional Xmas spirit and all players had a fun time. Prizes for many of the major tournaments of the year were presented after the event together with Grand Prix awards. This was followed by supper and drinks.

The tournament was run as a 9 round Swiss tournament followed by a final between the top two teams in each division. As done in previous years the first three rounds were played as guillotine lightning, the next three as Fisher and the last three as Bronstein. Guillotine was used in the finals for the top divisions and Fischer for the remaining divisions. The White team had two white boards and could choose their boards. The Black team could then choose their opponents.

In the finals, teams had to play in rating order. The leading teams in a division could choose to have the White pieces on boards 1 and 3 needing two points to win the match. Alternatively they could take the Black pieces on those boards needing only 1.5 points to win the match.

There were some novelty prizes given for first win, fastest win in each time control and biggest upsets. Mike McGregor had the first win of the day. A number of people received prizes with most time on the clock for the Fischer time control being 3:18, after starting with 3:02. This was a round where the good players wanted their opponents to keep playing rather than resign. In Bronstein time all three players in the Zwichenzug team achieved the maximum time of 5:03.

The biggest upset prize went to William Williams for defeating Robyn Shaw with a rating difference of 514, only 1 rating point more than Verity Williams defeating Jonathon Smith. Recognition was also given to the unrated Ajay defeating Marc Vlietstra.

Quizzes were also run on the day. Two entries recognized all 16 chess players - Robert Hvistendahl and the Zwichenzug team. The word quiz was won by Michael Lee with over 170 words found in Merry Christmas. Many entries were received with over 150 words. The internet gives a possible 1250 words. Fortunately nobody had access to the internet on the day.

The list of teams with members follows at the end of this report. The finals results were:

Zwichenzug defeated the Cricket Team (1.5 - 1.5).

Zwichenzug won all their preliminary rounds so only needed 50% with the black pieces to win the final. The Cricket Team came very close.

Total Chess Travellers defeated the Dream Team (2.0 - 1.0).

Dream Team lead after the preliminary rounds and chose to have the black pieces. Both teams agreed to play guillotine lightning even though they could use Fischer time. Perhaps the adrenaline rush is greater in guillotine chess.

A third place playoff occurred between M&Ms and the Black Knights with the M&Ms prevailing.

Team RBA defeated Guilford Grammar (2.0-1.0).

This was a surprise as Guilford Grammar was leading after the preliminary rounds. Well done to Rudy, Behrouz and Ajay.

Surprise Goose defeated the Menjalarao Trio (2.0-1.0).

Well done to the Suprise Goose. A special mention should be given to the Menjalarao Trio as the only team this year made up from a single family - Andrew, Gavin and Casey Tay.

A third place playoff occurred between Nedlands Knights and Huntingdale Kids with the Nedlands Knights prevailing.

Thank you to all the players for joining in the days activities and accepting the Director's decisions so graciously. Thanks also to my wife Christine for helping on the day.

2010 Lightning Teams
Adult rating is given first then the junior rating if applicable.

Zwichenzug v2.0.10 - Yita Choong (2094), Tom Donaldson (1888) & Marc Vlietstra (1930)
Cricket Team - Tim Hare (2036), Derek Elkington (1827) & Michael Horstmann (2170)

Black Knights - Alan Wolstencroft (1600), Jacques Meyer (1374) & Johnathon Smith (1589)
Total Chess Travellers - Robert Hvistendahl (1718), Dennis Holland (1815) & Robin Shaw (1687)
M & M Team - Sanjay Mukhedkar (1532), Varun Mukhedkar (964) & Mike McGregor (1566)
Dream Team - William Williams (1173), Verity Williams (1076) & Ryan Sam (1678)

Team RBA - Rudy Williams (unr), Behrouz Ghorbanian (1498) & Ajay Sood (unr)
Guildford Grammar - Matthew Duke (unr/1353), Perry Yang (unr/1127) & Samuel Clements (unr/1087)
Floppy Teapots - George Carolin-Unkovich (1259/1379), Adam Kelly (unr/1395) & Oliver Guazzlli (unr/unr)

Menjalara Trio - Andrew Tay (unr/unr), Gavin Tay (unr/1149) & Casey Tay (unr/871)
HuntingDale Kids - Charlton Rebello (unr/1281), Sagar Badve (unr/987) & Amul Dharmapuri (unr/941)
Thornlie Alliance - Bernard Laugery (1142), Kai Ravtanen (unr) & Aaron Omran (unr)
The Nedlands Knights - Avijoy Roychodhury (unr), Sayalee Tak (unr) & Pravin Tak (unr)
Surprise Goose - Yash Shitole (unr), Michael Lee (unr) & David Stebbins (unr)

Final Standings

 Place Name                    Feder Rtg Loc  Score  M-Buch. Buch. Progr.  

 1    Zwichenzug v2.0.10,                1950 9        36.0  48.0   45.0
 2    Cricket Team,                      2010 8        35.5  44.5   38.0
 3    Dream Team,                        1300 7        34.5  43.5   35.0
 4    Total Chess Travellers,            1780 6        36.5  46.5   30.0
 5-6  Black Knights,                     1530 5        36.5  47.5   25.0
      M & M Team,                        1350 5        32.5  41.5   26.0
 7-8  Guildford Grammar,                 1200 4.5      28.5  37.5   19.0
      Surprise Goose,                    1000 4.5      27.5  36.5   21.0
 9-10 Team RBA,                          1200 4        35.0  45.0   21.0
      Floppy Teapots,                    1300 4        30.5  39.5   21.0
 11   Menjalara Trio,                    1000 3        25.0  31.0   16.0
 12   The Nedlands Knights,              1000 2        27.0  34.0   10.0
 13   HuntingDale Kids,                  1000 1        27.0  33.0    8.0
 14   Thornlie Alliance,                 1000 0        30.0  39.0    0.0

Cross Table

 No  Name                     Feder Rtg  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    

 1.  Cricket Team,                       8:W  4:W  2:L 14:W  7:W  6:W  5:W  3:W 13:W
 2.  Zwichenzug v2.0.10,                 9:W  5:W  1:W  6:W  3:W  8:W  4:W 14:W  7:W
 3.  Total Chess Travellers,            10:W  6:L  8:W  9:W  2:L  4:W 11:W  1:L  5:W
 4.  Black Knights,                     11:W  1:L  9:W  7:W  6:L  3:L  2:L 12:W  8:W
 5.  M & M Team,                        12:W  2:L  6:L 10:W 14:W  7:W  1:L 13:W  3:L
 6.  Dream Team,                        13:W  3:W  5:W  2:L  4:W  1:L  8:W  9:W 12:W
 7.  Floppy Teapots,                    14:W  8:L 10:W  4:L  1:L  5:L 13:W 11:W  2:L
 8.  Team RBA,                           1:L  7:W  3:L 11:W 12:W  2:L  6:L 10:W  4:L
 9.  Guildford Grammar,                  2:L 12:W  4:L  3:L 13:W 14:D 10:W  6:L 11:W
 10. HuntingDale Kids,                   3:L 13:W  7:L  5:L 11:L 12:L  9:L  8:L 14:L
 11. Menjalara Trio,                     4:L 14:L 12:W  8:L 10:W 13:W  3:L  7:L  9:L
 12. The Nedlands Knights,               5:L  9:L 11:L 13:W  8:L 10:W 14:L  4:L  6:L
 13. Thornlie Alliance,                  6:L 10:L 14:L 12:L  9:L 11:L  7:L  5:L  1:L
 14. Surprise Goose,                     7:L 11:W 13:W  1:L  5:L  9:D 12:W  2:L 10:W