2011 Foundation Day Open

This tournament was held over the Foundation Day weekend on the 4th & 5th of June at the Moresby Street Centre, Kensington.

The number of entries for this tournament were about average. What was different was that we only had one Junior player. Perhaps it is more difficult to attract Juniors for tournaments on long weekends.

We did have a couple of visitors, though, in Gary Bekker from Victoria and Eliseo Tumbaga from the Phillipines.

Tom Donaldson went through undefeated in winning the tournament, though his game with Akef Saleh in the last round looked pretty dodgy at times. Akef was also undefeated in the event.

Dave Dempster, after a draw with Gary Donaldson in round 1 and a loss to Akef in round 2, won 4 games in a row to grab second place. His win against David Ellis in the last round made both himself and Tom very happy.

Another player to have a big finish was Girma Orssengo. Girma lost his first two games (including one where he forgot to press his clock whilst a Queen up!) then also won his last 4 games to finish in a tie for third place.

Nedeljko Tomic is an habitual prizewinner in this type of event, and so it proved again. He also habitually leaves before the prizegiving and often ends up paying the entry fee for the next tournament with the prizemoney from the previous one.

I would like to thank Gordon Dunlop for acting as the DOP for half of Saturday, to enable me to get home and look after my Junior Club. He must have been a little nervous in agreeing to do this, after last time, but there were no incidents, as far as I know.

Report by Haydn Barber.

Prize Winners

  1st	Tom Donaldson			5/6  
  2nd 	Dave Dempster			4.5
 =3rd	Akef Saleh  			4
	David Ellis			4

  1st 	Nedeljko Tomic			4
  1st 	Girma Orssengo			4

  1st 	Gary Donaldson  		3 

  1st 	Shane Shaw	  		3 

  Best Junior
  1st 	George Carolin-Unkovich  	2.5

Final Standings

 Place Name                     Loc  Club   Score  

 1     Donaldson, Thomas        1932        5    
 2     Dempster, Dave           1895        4.5  
 3-6   Ellis, David             2008        4    
       Saleh, Akef              1928        4    
       Tomic, Nedeljko          1826        4    
       Orssengo, Girma          1665        4    
 7-9   Stassen, Walter          1860        3.5  
       Tumbaga, Eliseo          1801        3.5  
       Bekker, Gary             1599        3.5  
 10-13 Shaw, Shane              1095        3    
       Dunlop, Gordon           1840        3    
       Mechlowski, Lennard      1663        3    
       Donaldson, Gary          1419        3    
 14-15 Carolin-Unkovich, George 1453 Junior 2.5  
       Summerfield, John        1345        2.5  
 16-18 McArthur, John           1114        2    
       Powell, Darren           998         2    
       Szabo, Tamas             1406        2    
 19    Cheong, Joseph           1416        1    

Cross Table

 No Name                     Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    

 1  Donaldson, Thomas        1932 5      9:W  5:W  7:W  3:D 11:W  4:D
 2  Dempster, Dave           1895 4.5   13:D  4:L  9:W 19:W  8:W  3:W
 3  Ellis, David             2008 4     12:D 10:W 14:W  1:D  5:W  2:L
 4  Saleh, Akef              1928 4     14:D  2:W 11:D  8:D 10:W  1:D
 5  Tomic, Nedeljko          1826 4     15:W  1:L 16:W 12:W  3:L  7:W
 6  Orssengo, Girma          1665 4     10:L 14:L 15:W 16:W 12:W 11:W
 7  Stassen, Walter          1860 3.5   19:W  8:W  1:L 11:D 14:W  5:L
 8  Tumbaga, Eliseo          1801 3.5   16:W  7:L 18:W  4:D  2:L 15:W
 9  Bekker, Gary             1599 3.5    1:L 15:D  2:L 17:W 16:W 14:W
 10 Shaw, Shane              1095 3      6:W  3:L 13:L 18:W  4:L  0:W
 11 Dunlop, Gordon           1840 3     18:W 17:W  4:D  7:D  1:L  6:L
 12 Mechlowski, Lennard      1663 3      3:D 13:D 17:W  5:L  6:L 18:W
 13 Donaldson, Gary          1419 3      2:D 12:D 10:W 14:L 15:L 17:W
 14 Carolin-Unkovich, George 1453 2.5    4:D  6:W  3:L 13:W  7:L  9:L
 15 Summerfield, John        1345 2.5    5:L  9:D  6:L  0:W 13:W  8:L
 16 McArthur, John           1114 2      8:L  0:W  5:L  6:L  9:L 19:W
 17 Powell, Darren           998  2      0:W 11:L 12:L  9:L 19:W 13:L
 18 Szabo, Tamas             1406 2     11:L 19:W  8:L 10:L  0:W 12:L
 19 Cheong, Joseph           1416 1      7:L 18:L  0:W  2:L 17:L 16:L