2011 State Junior Championships

This yearís WA Junior Chess Championships were held at Perth Modern School on the weekends of 7/8 & 14/15 of May. We were originally going to hold them at the end of the school holidays but some schools changed the dates of their holidays, making this too hard. When we were looking for suitable dates, not easy with our calendar, the first two weekends in May jumped out as being ideal. In our excitement, we overlooked that Motherís Day and the WA football derby both fell in that period! This was a nuisance, but we worked around it as best we could.

The overall entry of 39 was about normal for this event, but we continue to struggle to attract Girls. This year, we were unable to present Girls prizes in the Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 divisions.

Jack South, Dennis Holland and myself shared the DOP duties. Apart from scheduling problems, the event ran very well.

Under 16/18
As usual, these two divisions were combined, because only 7 players entered. From the beginning, it looked like a straight fight between Thomas Pinnock and William Williams. This proved to be true, with Thomas winning the crucial game and becoming WA Junior Champion. However, although we had not seen too much of Sam Cunningham prior to this event, he put in a good performance, just losing to the top two.

Under 14
There were several Under 14 players who could easily have stepped up to the top division: Aston Taminsjah, Varun Mukhedkar and George Carolin-Unkovich. In the end, Aston and Varun dominated the event.

We suffered a slight scheduling error at the end of the first day. We only announced session times, without trying to decide how many rounds would be held in each session. This is because it is difficult to predict just how long these games are going to last. However, a couple of players thought we were only going to play 2 rounds on the first day. As it turned out, there was enough time for the third round. Unfortunately, we did not realise until too late that Aston had already gone home, and had to suffer a forfeit.

In their individual game, Aston defeated Varun and we now have a tie for the WA Under 14 Championship, which will be resolved by a two game play-off. From my point of view, this is the best outcome.

Under 12
Sean Xiong easily won the Under 12 WA Championship, winning his first six games before drawing with Yash Shitole in the last round. Matthew Ashworth and Nicholas Pizzino played well to finish equal second. Nicholas, in particular, finished above a number of players higher rated than himself.

This division saw our first female player, with Indira Savory winning the Under 12 WA Girls Championship.

Under 10
The Under 10 division was a very closely fought affair, unlike some of the other age groups. The last game to finish, between the two equal leaders (Heron Carson and Amul Dharmapuri) was watched with intense interest by the rest of the players. When the game finally ended in a draw, pandemonium broke out as we finished up with a five way tie for first, and several lucky young boys suddenly had a second chance!

These 5 players (Ignatius Yap, Heron Carson, Amul Dharmapuri, James Kim and Gary Zheng) all came back the next weekend for the play-off, which consisted of a round-robin tournament. This time, Ignatius won every game to become the WA Under 12 Champion. Heron, James and Gary all played very well in view of their limited tournament experience.

Casey Tay won the Under 10 WA Girls Championship.

Report by Haydn Barber.

Prize Winners

  Under 18		Thomas Pinnock	
  Under 16		Thomas Pinnock	
  Under 14		Playoff between Varun & Aston to be played  
  Under 12		Sean Ziong
  Under 12 Girls	Indira Savory
  Under 10		Ignatius Yap	4/4 in playoff
  Under 10 Girls	Casey Tay

  UNDER 18-16			
  1st		Thomas Pinnock		6.0
  2nd		William Williams	5.0
  3rd		Sam Cunningham		4.0
  Merit		Perry Yang		2.5

  UNDER 14			
 =1st		Aston Taminsyah		6.0
 =1st		Varun Mukhedkar		6.0
  3rd		George Carolin-Unkovich	4.0
  Merit		Daniel D'Angelo		3.0

  UNDER 12			
  1st		Sean Xiong		6.5
 =2nd		Matthew Ashworth	5.0
 =2nd		Nicholas Pizzino	5.0

  Merit		Gavin Tay		4.5
		Yash Shitole		3.5
		Indira Savory		3.5
		Jamie Collins		3.5

  UNDER 10			
 =1st		Ignatuis Yap		5.0
 =1st		Amul Dharmapuri		5.0
 =1st		James Kim		5.0
 =1st		Gary Zheng		5.0
 =1st		Heron Carson		5.0
  Merit		Victor Sun		4.0
		Jonty Pearson		3.5
		Casey Tay		3.0
		Varad Mukhedkar		3.0

Under 10 Championship Cross Table

#NameRtngGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotTBrk[B]TBrk[C]
1Ignatius Yap1138W8W4W2D6D3L5W7 5.02222.5
2Amul Dharmapuri1098W12W9L1W7W6D3D5 5.02021.5
3James Kimunr.L4W10W11W8D1D2W6 5.01918.5
4Gary Zheng1041W3L1L6W9W7W12W8 5.01817
5Heron Carsonunr.D10L7W12W11W8W1D2 5.015.518
6Victor Sun1125D7X---W4D1L2W10L3 4.02117.5
7Jonty Pearson724D6W5W9L2L4W11L1 3.521.516.5
8Casey Tay875L1W12W10L3L5W9L4 3.020.513
9Varad Mukhedkar976W11L2L7L4W12L8W10 3.015.511
10Dylan Shaw942D5L3L8W12W11L6L9 2.51610.5
11Nicholas Limniosunr.L9B---L3L5L10L7W12 2.0146
12Sofia Wardunr.L2L8L5L10L9L4L11 0.018.50

Under 10 Championship Playoffs

#NameRtngGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[R]
1Ignatius Yap1178W5W2W4W3U--- 4.06
2James Kim1178L3L1W5U---W4 2.02.5
3Amul Dharmapuri1143W2D4U---L1L5 1.52.75
4Heron Carson1090U---D3L1W5L2 1.51.75
5Gary Zheng1107L1U---L2L4W3 1.01.5

Under 12 Championship Cross Table

#NameRtngGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotTBrk[B]TBrk[C]
1Sean Xiong1309W11W4W9W2W3W8D5 6.51927.5
2Matthew Ashworth1176W12W3W5L1L4W6W8 5.019.521
3Nicholas Pizzino1098W5L2W8W9L1W4W10 5.01919
4Gavin Tay1131W8L1D7W6W2L3W9 4.52017.5
5Yash Shitole1350L3W12L2L8W11W7D1 3.518.511.5
6Indira Savory1221L7D10W11L4W9L2W12 3.515.512
7Jamie Collins966W6L9D4L10W12L5W11 3.514.513.5
8Davis Kimunr.L4W11L3W5W10L1L2 3.020.513
9Patrick Olofsson1138W10W7L1L3L6W12L4 3.01915
10Alexander Limniosunr.L9D6W12W7L8L11L3 2.51512
11Jadon Chia1037L1L8L6W12L5W10L7 2.0166
12Jameson Lu689L2L5L10L11L7L9L6 0.0160

Under 14 Championship Cross Table

#NameRtngGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotTBrk[R]
1Aston Taminsyah1522W6W3F4W5W7W2W8 6.019
2Varun Mukhedkar1418W8W6W3W4W5L1W7 6.016
3George Carolin- Unkovich1379W5L1L2L8W6W7W4 4.010.5
4Daniel D'Angelo1235W7L5X1L2W8L6L3 3.04
5Andrew Savory1322L3W4L7L1L2W8D6 2.55.75
6Lynton Pearson1158L1L2W8L7L3W4D5 2.55.75
7Robin Markwitz1050L4D8W5W6L1L3L2 2.55.75
8Charlton Rebello1360L2D7L6W3L4L5L1 1.55.25

Under 16/18 Championship Cross Table

#NameRtngGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotTBrk[R]
1Thomas Pinnock158116W4W7W5W3W2U---W6 6.015
2William Williams159816W7W5W3U---L1W6W4 5.010
3Sam Cunninghamunr.16W5U---L2L1W6W4W7 4.06
4Perry Yang114516L1W6U---W7D5L3L2 2.52.5
5Matthew Duke130916L3L2L1D6D4W7U--- 2.02
6Avijoy Roy Choudhury96016U---L4W7D5L3L2L1 1.51
7Timothy Greenunr.18L2L1L6L4U---L5L3 0.00