2012 Christmas Open

The final Grand Prix event for 2012 - the 2012 Christmas Open was held over the weekend of 1st & 2nd of December at the Moresby Street Centre in Kensington.

Our last weekend tournament for 2012 was also our most successful. We had 24 players, with 9 of them rated over 1900! We were even able to put up a reasonable prize list, for a change. This is quite encouraging for the future.

Tristan Boyd (WA's highest rated player) has had his tournament appearances severely reduced by work pressures in recent years, and it was good to see him playing again. Ian Sutton, formerly of England, was a welcome newcomer. We have had a number of imports over the last couple of years, and most of them are strong players. This can only help the future of WA Chess.

The final results look quite straightforward, with the top 3 seeds taking the first 3 places, but it was a bit more complicated than that.

Tristan may have been a bit rusty, but he overcame a couple of close games to win the tournament, just conceding a draw to Ihsan Ferozkohi in round 5. Ihsan drew with rapidly improving George Carolin-Unkovich in round 1, then had a very good run until he was unable to overcome Tristan in round 5. Ian Sutton took another path. After losing to Ihsan in round 2, he found himself on just half a point, but was able to reel off 4 wins in a row to grab third place.

The U/2000 prize was decided by the result of the game between Robert Maris and Jose Madriaga, from which Jose emerged victorious.

There was a massive log jam of players battling for the other rating prizes, and it was no surprise to see four players tie for the U/1850 and U/1700 groups. At least, the mathematics were easy, and I didn't have to drag out any shrapnel.

I would like to thank Gordon Dunlop for taking over the DOP duties on Saturday afternoon while I was away at my Junior Club, and Fred Maris and Gary Donaldson who did a lot of the cleaning up at the end.

Report by: Haydn Barber.

Prize Winners

  1st 	Tristan Boyd			5.5/6  
  2nd 	Ihsan Ferozkohi			5
  3rd	Ian Sutton			4.5
  1st 	Jose Madriaga			4

  U/1850 - U/1700  		
 =1st 	Nedeljko Tomic			3
	Keith Jenkins			3
 	Fred Maris			3
	Gary Donaldson			3

  1st 	Sorin Oprea			2.5

  Best Junior
  1st 	George Carolin-Unkovich		2.5

Final Standings

 Place Name                     Loc  Club   Score  

 1     Boyd, Tristan            2371        5.5  
 2     Ferozkohi, Ihsan         2134        5    
 3     Sutton, Ian              2100        4.5  
 4-5   Vlietstra, Marc          2042        4    
       Madriaga, Jose           1949        4    
 6-10  Ellis, David             1974        3.5  
       Seah, Eddy               2027        3.5  
       Maris, Robert            1935        3.5  
       Dunlop, Gordon           1869        3.5  
       de Yaak, Peter           1981        3.5  
 11-14 Tomic, Nedeljko          1816        3    
       Jenkins, Keith           1695        3    
       Maris, Fred              1586        3    
       Donaldson, Gary          1480        3    
 15-18 Carolin-Unkovich, George 1726 Junior 2.5  
       Oprea, Sorin                         2.5  
       Hintz, Steven            1742        2.5  
       Davis, Geoff             1482        2.5  
 19-21 Maris, Natalie           1838        2    
       Summerfield, John        1408        2    
       Xiong, Sean              1238 Junior 2    
 22-23 Nairn, Mike              1604        1.5  
       Yap, Ignatius            1313 Junior 1.5  
 24    Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  777  Junior 1    

Cross Table

 No  Name                     Loc  Club   Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    

 1.  Boyd, Tristan            2371        5.5   13:W  8:W  6:W  7:W  2:D  4:W
 2.  Ferozkohi, Ihsan         2134        5     14:D  3:W  9:W  5:W  1:D 10:W
 3.  Sutton, Ian              2100        4.5   15:D  2:L 21:W 12:W 11:W  7:W
 4.  Vlietstra, Marc          2042        4     16:W  9:L 14:W  8:W  5:W  1:L
 5.  Seah, Eddy               2027        3.5   17:W 10:W  7:D  2:L  4:L 24:W
 6.  de Yaak, Peter           1981        3.5   18:W 11:W  1:L  9:D 10:L 14:W
 7.  Ellis, David             1974        3.5   19:W 12:W  5:D  1:L 14:W  3:L
 8.  Madriaga, Jose           1949        4     20:W  1:L 23:W  4:L 12:W  9:W
 9.  Maris, Robert            1935        3.5   21:W  4:W  2:L  6:D 13:W  8:L
 10. Dunlop, Gordon           1869        3.5   22:W  5:L   :D 15:W  6:W  2:L
 11. Maris, Natalie           1838        2     23:W  6:L 12:L 18:W  3:L 19:L
 12. Tomic, Nedeljko          1816        3     24:W  7:L 11:W  3:L  8:L 20:W
 13. Hintz, Steven            1742        2.5    1:L 20:D 22:W 16:W  9:L 17:L
 14. Carolin-Unkovich, George 1726 Junior 2.5    2:D 15:W  4:L 17:W  7:L  6:L
 15. Jenkins, Keith           1695        3      3:D 14:L 20:W 10:L 17:D 16:W
 16. Nairn, Mike              1604        1.5    4:L 21:D 19:W 13:L 24:L 15:L
 17. Maris, Fred              1586        3      5:L 22:D 24:W 14:L 15:D 13:W
 18. Davis, Geoff             1482        2.5    6:L 23:L   :W 11:L 19:D 21:W
 19. Donaldson, Gary          1480        3      7:L 24:D 16:L 22:W 18:D 11:W
 20. Summerfield, John        1408        2      8:L 13:D 15:L 21:D 23:W 12:L
 21. Yap, Ignatius            1313 Junior 1.5    9:L 16:D  3:L 20:D 22:D 18:L
 22. Xiong, Sean              1238 Junior 2     10:L 17:D 13:L 19:L 21:D 23:W
 23. Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  777  Junior 1     11:L 18:W  8:L   :L 20:L 22:L
 24. Oprea, Sorin                         2.5   12:L 19:D 17:L   :W 16:W  5:L