2012 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2012 Harris/Edwardes competition received entries from three teams in the Open division and two teams in B and C divisions. While the B and C divisions finished earlier in the year the Open division final has only just been completed.

In the Open division the competition has been held as a Round Robin with a playoff between the two leading teams. After the preliminary rounds the Huntingdale team was ahead with 2 match points and played Metro in the final staged over two weeks at the end of November. While Metro was ahead after the first two games Huntingdale was stll able to win. Congratulations to: Tristan Boyd, Stephanus Kurniawan, Michael Horstmann and Haydn Barber.

In the B Division the Metro B team and Perth B drew their first match. In the return match the Metro B team prevailed 3-1 to win the competition. Congratulations to Metro players: Leon Taylor, Rob Baumgartner, Gavin Adam, Wally Lubtschenko, Kelvin Taylor and Igor Colic.

In the C Division the Metro C team were able to win against the Perth C team. In the return match the Perth C team were able to draw but this was insufficient.Congratulations to Metro players: Doug McLean, Melvyn Lintern, Lucien Koch, Garry Taylor, Adam Kelly and Michael Payne.

Trophies will be awarded after the Teams Lightning event in December. Be sure to organize a team for that event.

Report by Gordon Dunlop.

A Division

 Preliminary results
 Metro A       1.5 - 2.5   Huntingdale  
 Perth A       1.0 - 3.0   Metro A
 Huntingdale   2.5 - 1.5   Perth A

 Huntingdale   2.0 - 2.0   Metro A 

B Division

 Round 1	
 Metro B       2.0 - 2.0   Perth B  

 Round 2
 Perth B       1.0 - 3.0   Metro B

C Division

 Round 1
 Metro C       3.0 - 1.0   Perth C  

 Round 2
 Perth C       2.0 - 2.0   Metro C