2012 State Allegro Championship

Played at the Moresby Street Centre, Kensington on the 20th of May 2012

We continued our trend of small fields with only 14 players. Still, it was a nice pleasant Sunday afternoon and most people seemed to enjoy themselves. One who didn’t was Boyd McCamon who was so disappointed with his score after 5 rounds that he withdrew.

Marc Vlietstra and Michael Horstmann had a close struggle all day and finished well ahead of the rest of the field. Marc rode the advantage that he gained by beating Michael in round 3 all the way to the title. He did stumble somewhat in the last round, drawing with George Carolin-Unkovich, but Michael was unable to beat Ihsan Ferozkohi and draw level. Congratulations to Marc for becoming 2012 WA Allegro Champion!

There was an intense battle for third place, with Jose Madriaga just taking the honors. Ihsan Ferozkohi did not do himself justice this time, being rocked by early losses to Aileen Fisher and Adam Kelly (good results for them, not so much for Ihsan).

Haydn Barber, DOP

Prize Winners

 1st 	Marc Vlietstra			8   
 2nd 	Michael Horstmann		7˝ 
 3rd	Jose Madriaga			5˝
 1st 	George Carolin-Unkovich	 	5

 1st 	Adam Kelly			3˝

Final Standings

 Place Name                     Loc  Club   Score  

 1     Vlietstra, Marc          1890        8    
 2     Horstmann, Michael       2088        7.5  
 3     Madriaga, Jose           1877        5.5  
 4-5   Ferozkohi, Ihsan         2057        5    
       Carolin-Unkovich, George 1495 Junior 5    
 6-7   Dell, Glen               1514        4.5  
       Tomic, Nedeljko          1642        4.5  
 8-9   Fisher, Aileen           1523        4    
       Gough, Dylan             1578        4    
 10-12 Kelly, Adam              1585 Junior 3.5  
       Cheong, Joseph           1504        3.5  
       McCamon, Boyd            1925        3.5  
 13    De Heer, Alex            1508        3    
 14    Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  1172 Junior 1.5  

Cross Table

 No  Name                     Feder Rtg  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    

 1.  Horstmann, Michael                  8:W  5:W  4:L 13:W  3:W  7:W 10:W  6:W  2:D
 2.  Ferozkohi, Ihsan                    9:L 13:W 11:W  7:L  8:D  3:+  4:L 10:W  1:D
 3.  McCamon, Boyd                      10:W  7:W  5:W  4:D  1:L  2:-   :    :    : 
 4.  Vlietstra, Marc                    11:W  9:W  1:W  3:D  7:W 10:W  2:W  5:W 13:D
 5.  Madriaga, Jose                     12:W  1:L  3:L  6:D 11:W  8:W  7:W  4:L  9:W
 6.  Tomic, Nedeljko                    13:L 11:L 14:W  5:D 12:W  9:L  8:W  1:L  7:W
 7.  Kelly, Adam                        14:W  3:L  9:W  2:W  4:L  1:L  5:L  8:D  6:L
 8.  Gough, Dylan                        1:L 12:W 13:L 11:W  2:D  5:L  6:L  7:D 14:W
 9.  Fisher, Aileen                      2:W  4:L  7:L 10:L 14:W  6:W 13:L 12:W  5:L
 10. Dell, Glen                          3:L 14:W 12:D  9:W 13:W  4:L  1:L  2:L 11:W
 11. De Heer, Alex                       4:L  6:W  2:L  8:L  5:L 14:W 12:L   :W 10:L
 12. Cheong, Joseph                      5:L  8:L 10:D 14:W  6:L 13:L 11:W  9:L   :W
 13. Carolin-Unkovich, George            6:W  2:L  8:W  1:L 10:L 12:W  9:W 14:D  4:D
 14. Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna             7:L 10:L  6:L 12:L  9:L 11:L   :W 13:D  8:L