2013 Foundation Day Open

This event was held over the Foundation Day long weekend on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of June at the Moresby Street Centre, Kensington.

This year’s Foundation Day tournament attracted a reasonable number of players, including Angelito Camer and Mark Vucak from interstate. I am still hoping to raise the prestige (and prizemoney?) of this tournament, but the money was just not there for this year. Next year?? We may also have to consider changing the name of the tournament, as the holiday is now called WA Day.

The tournament was closely fought, with 13 drawn games being evidence of that. At one stage, a mass finish for first seemed possible, but Yita Choong and Ganesh Viswanath asserted themselves over the rest of the field to finish equal first. Yita did not seem to play at his best, but held it together to just draw with Ganesh and George Carolin-Unkovich. Ganesh does not play regularly in CAWA events, but always plays well when he does.

After the two equal winners came the mass finish – with 10 players finishing within a point of each other.

I think the tournament went quite well, and indicates that players will turn out for 3-day events, at least occasionally.

Report by Haydn Barber, DOP

Prize Winners

 =1st 	Yita Choong			 5/6  
	Ganesh Viswanath		 5
 =3rd	Eddy Seah			 4
	Akef Saleh			 4
  1st 	Nedeljko Tomic		 	 3˝

  U/1600 + Unrated
 =1st 	Gary Donaldson		 	 3
	John Summerfield		 3

 =1st 	George Carolin-Unkovich	 	 3
	Sean Xiong			 3

Final Standings

 Place Name                     Loc  Club   Score  

 1-2   Viswanath, Ganesh        2075        5    
       Choong, Yita             2317        5    
 3-4   Saleh, Akef              1931        4    
       Seah, Eddy               1997        4    
 5-6   Camer, Angelito          1996        3.5  
       Tomic, Nedeljko          1797        3.5  
 7-12  Dunlop, Gordon           1869        3    
       Carolin-Unkovich, George 1874 Junior 3    
       Ellis, David             2017        3    
       Donaldson, Gary          1536        3    
       Xiong, Sean              1436 Junior 3    
       Summerfield, John        1426        3    
 13    Chin, Albert             1962        2.5  
 14    Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  1077 Junior 2    
 15    Yap, Ignatius            1355 Junior 1.5  
 16    Green, Timothy                       1    
 17-18 Vucak, Marc              1667        0    
       Gong, Patrick            1388 Junior 0    

Cross Table

 No  Name                     Feder Rtg   1    2    3    4    5    6    

 1.  Choong, Yita             AUS   2203  8:D 12:W  5:W  2:D  9:W  3:W
 2.  Viswanath, Ganesh        AUS   2048 11:W  3:D  4:W  1:D  7:W 10:W
 3.  Ellis, David             AUS   2035 13:W  2:D  8:D  9:L  6:W  1:L
 4.  Seah, Eddy               SIN        12:W  6:W  2:L  8:D  5:D  9:W
 5.  Camer, Angelito          AUS   2004 14:W  7:D  1:L 16:W  4:D 12:D
 6.  Chin, Albert             AUS   1999 15:+  4:L 14:W 10:L  3:L   :D
 7.  Saleh, Akef              INA   1923 16:W  5:D  9:D 13:W  2:L  8:W
 8.  Carolin-Unkovich, George AUS   1741  1:D 17:W  3:D  4:D 10:D  7:L
 9.  Dunlop, Gordon           AUS   1896 17:D 10:W  7:D  3:W  1:L  4:L
 10. Tomic, Nedeljko          AUS        18:W  9:L 13:W  6:W  8:D  2:L
 11. Vucak, Marc              AUS   1812  2:L 13:L 12:L   :    :    : 
 12. Donaldson, Gary          AUS         4:L  1:L 11:W 18:+ 14:D  5:D
 13. Xiong, Sean              AUS         3:L 11:W 10:L  7:L 16:W 17:W
 14. Summerfield, John        AUS         5:L 18:W  6:L 17:D 12:D 16:W
 15. Gong, Patrick            AUS         6:-   :    :    :    :    : 
 16. Yap, Ignatius            AUS         7:L   :D 17:W  5:L 13:L 14:L
 17. Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  AUS         9:D  8:L 16:L 14:D   :W 13:L
 18. Green, Timothy           AUS        10:L 14:L   :W 12:-   :    :