2013 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2013 Harris Edwardes competition received entries from three teams in the Open and C divisions and two teams in the B division.

In the Open division the competition was held as a Round Robin with a playoff between the two leading teams. After the preliminary rounds all teams had won a single match so game points were required to determine entry into the finals. Huntingdale had 4.5 wins compared to 4 for Perth and 3.5 for Metro. Huntingdale won the final convincingly with 2.5. Congratulations to Tristan Boyd, Stephanus Kurniawan, Michael Horstmann and Tim Hare. It was unfortunate that Haydn Barber was unable to compete having been an active player in the Harris Edwardes competition and contributor in providing teams for the event.

In the B Division the Metro B team defeated the Perth B team in both preliminary rounds hence won the competition. Congratulations to Metro players Rob Baumgartner, George Carolyn-Unkovich, Adam Kelly, Marc Chapman, Edik Geilmetdinov and myself.

In the C Division the competition has also been held as a Round Robin with a playoff between the two leading teams. After the preliminary rounds the Perth and Metro teams were tied on both match points (1.5) and game points (4.5). The next level of tie-break is to remove the results on the lowest board. This resulted in the home game advantage being awarded to Perth, needing only two points to win the match. In the final the Perth team won convincingly with a score of 3. Unfortunately two boards were defaulted by Metro in this result. Congratulations to Perth players Norbert Muller, Joe Klimczak, Arash Beirami and Vic Markou. The club fielded the same four players for all matches.

Report by Gordon Dunlop.

A Division

 Preliminary results
 Metro A  	0.5 :: 3.5	Huntingdale  
 Perth A  	1.0 :: 3.0   	Metro A
 Huntingdale 	1.0 :: 3.0	Perth A

 Huntingdale	2.5 :: 1.5	Perth A

B Division

 Round 1
 Metro B 	2.5 :: 1.5	Perth B  

 Round 2
 Perth B  	1.5 :: 2.5	Metro B

C Division

 Preliminary results
 Perth C  	2.0 :: 2.0   	Metro C
 Huntingdale C  1.5 :: 2.5  	Perth C
 Metro C  	2.5 :: 1.5  	Huntingdale C  

 Perth C	3.0 :: 1.0	Metro C