2013 State Allegro Championship

Played at the Moresby Street Centre, Kensington on the 19th of May 2013

This event was scheduled to be a 9 round Swiss. When only 10 players had shown up by the scheduled starting time, the players decided to convert the tournament to a Round-Robin. This decision can lead to problems if more players arrive and, sure enough, Patrick Gong arrived during Round One. Since Patrick had a good reason for being late, and because we don't like to exclude any players, we had another player's meeting and it was decided to convert back to a 9 round Swiss. This presented its own problems but they were manageable.

This tournament resembled 'The Empire Strikes Back' scenario a bit, with no Juniors scoring 50%. About time the older generation put these kids in their place! Temporarily, at least !

Ihsan Ferozkohi continued his domination of the Rapid tournaments for this year, with his third win in a row. Ihsan drew with Tristan Boyd and won every other game. Tristan also drew with Michael Horstmann and George Carolin-Unkovich to ruin his winning chances.

Apart from the problems with the tournament format, the event ran very smoothly.

Haydn Barber, DOP

Prize Winners

 1st	   Ihsan Ferozkohi		8.5/9  
 2nd 	   Tristan Boyd			7.5
 3rd 	   Michael Horstmann		7

 1st 	   Gordon Dunlop		5.5

 1st 	   George Carolin-Unkovich  	4

Final Standings

 Place Name                   Loc  Club   Score  

 1   Ferozkohi, Ihsan         1983        8.5  
 2   Boyd, Tristan            2250        7.5  
 3   Horstmann, Michael       2046        7    
 4   Dunlop, Gordon           1664        5.5  
 5   Madriaga, Jose           1772        4.5  
 6   Carolin-Unkovich, George 1742 Junior 4    
 7-8 Tomic, Nedeljko          1595        3    
     Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  1264 Junior 3    
 9   Gong, Patrick            1509 Junior 2.5  
 10  Yap, Ignatius            1249 Junior 2    
 11  Shaw, Robin              1627        0    

Cross Table

 No  Name                     Loc  Club   Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    

 1.  Boyd, Tristan            2250        7.5   11:W  3:D  6:W  2:D  9:W  5:D 10:W  8:W  4:W
 2.  Horstmann, Michael       2046        7     10:W  4:W  3:L  1:D  8:W 11:W  9:W  6:W  5:D
 3.  Ferozkohi, Ihsan         1983        8.5    8:W  1:D  2:W 11:W  5:W 10:W  6:W  4:W  9:W
 4.  Madriaga, Jose           1772        4.5    7:W  2:L  5:D  9:W 10:W  6:L 11:W  3:L  1:L
 5.  Carolin-Unkovich, George 1742 Junior 4      6:D  9:W  4:D 10:L  3:L  1:D  8:L 11:W  2:D
 6.  Dunlop, Gordon           1664        5.5    5:D  7:W  1:L  8:W 11:W  4:W  3:L  2:L 10:W
 7.  Shaw, Robin              1627        0      4:L  6:L  9:L   :    :    :    :    :    : 
 8.  Tomic, Nedeljko          1595        3      3:L 10:L   :W  6:L  2:L  9:L  5:W  1:L 11:W
 9.  Gong, Patrick            1509 Junior 2.5     :D  5:L  7:W  4:L  1:L  8:W  2:L 10:L  3:L
 10. Dharmapuri, Sri Krishna  1264 Junior 3      2:L  8:W 11:L  5:W  4:L  3:L  1:L  9:W  6:L
 11. Yap, Ignatius            1249 Junior 2      1:L   :W 10:W  3:L  6:L  2:L  4:L  5:L  8:L