2014 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

Winning C division team L to R: Sean Sutton, Bayley Grigg, Andre van Tonder and Sahil Parekh

The 2014 Harris Edwardes competition received entries from two teams in the Open and C divisions and one team in the B division. The format was changed from previous years and was run on Sunday 26th October at the North Woodvale Primary School. The weekend format assisted the Kingsley Junior Club and the Safety Bay club to participate. Five teams is the lowest number of entries received over many decades and I hope we are able to have more teams next year. The competition will be run over two or three Sundays at the beginning of July. This timetable will not be close to any other major tournaments and hopefully clubs will be able to field more teams. It is proposed that prizes of equipment will be awarded next year.

In the Open division the competition was won by Metro A over Southern Suburbs. Southern Suburbs had a small win in the first round. Under the tie break rules the Metro team needed two wins or a single win on Board 1. They were abe to achieve two wins and won the competition. The Metro team consisted of Yita Choong, Marc Vlietstra, George Carolin-Unkovich and myself.

In the B Division the Metro B team did not have an opponent team and won the competition by default.The nominated players were Evan Yeung, Robert Baumgartner, Mike McGregor and Brian Gale.

In the C Division the Woodvale Juniors were able to win both matches and wn the competition. Congratulations to Sahil Parekh, Sean Sutton, Andre van Tonder and Bayley Grigg. A big thankyou to the Safety Bay Team for coming to Woodvale for the day and participating in the event. Their team consisted of Geoffrey Stuart, Barrie Miller, Ryan Bath and James Parker.

Southern Suburbs
A Division

2.5 :: 1.5

Metro A
Metro A3.0 :: 1.0Southern Suburbs

C Division

3.0 :: 1.0

Safety Bay
Safety Bay1.5 :: 2.5Kingsley

Trophies will be awarded after the Teams Lightning event on December 14th.

Report by Gordon Dunlop.