The Kingsley Open

The Kingsley Open was run at the North Woodvale Primary School on October 24 and 25. The tournament attracted 8 players. It was run in 2 sections of 4 players in a preliminary round on Saturday followed by a 2 section final on the Sunday. Everybody had some good games and enjoyed the different format. Many games ran the full time with close finishes. Hopefully we will have greater participation at the XMAS tournament at the end of November.

Report by: Gordon Dunlop DOP

 Group A

 Tristan Boyd		2.5   
 Yita Choong		2.0
 David Ellis		1.5
 Nedeljko Tomic	        0.0

 Group B

 Gordon Dunlop	        3.0
 Gary Donaldson	        1.5
 Ben Hurst		1.0
 Mike Nairn		0.5