2017 WA State Lightning Championship

The 2017 State Lightning Championship was held at Leeming Primary School on the 23rd of April.

2017 State Lightning Pic1   2017 State Lightning Pic2

2017 State Lightning Pic3   2017 State Lightning Pic4
(Photos kindly provided by Dante Osorio)

Firstly, a very warm welcome to WA chess scene for IM Temur Kuybokarov! Temur is already well-known in Australia, being a joint winner of the 2017 Australian Open. Temur will be residing in WA for around 12 months. We hope he participates in many more tournaments while he is here, particularly the upcoming WA Championship.

Thanks to David Ellis for organising the tournament, and for his work on the day in setting up and collecting entries which ensured that we were able to start more or less on time. David had to leave half-way through the afternoon to participate in a music rehearsal, so I filled in as playing arbiter for the second half of the tournament. Thanks to my wife Kathryn (who was also playing) for her essential work which ensured that the day ran smoothly, particularly for handling the Vega side of things, and to everyone else who helped us all throughout the event.

The tournament ran almost 45 minutes ahead of schedule. I only discovered just before the final round that David had taken the prize fund with him! I hoped that there would be a need for title playoffs, so that the tournament would continue at least until David returned. Fortunately, he did return (with the prize fund) once the final round was underway. And we didn't need any playoffs.

The tournament was not only stronger than many other WA events, as we have come to expect with WA Lightning Championships, but also well attended. Well done to all 34 players for making this tournament a very successful one.

Report kindly provided by Andrew Hardegen.

Prize Winners

2017 WA Lightning Champion: FM Tristan Boyd (9.0/11)
2nd: IM Temur Kuybokarov (8.5/11)
Equal 3rd: Tim Hare, Ihsan Ferozkohi & FM Patrick Gong (8.0/11)

2017 WA Women's Lightning Champion: WFM Kathryn Hardegen (5.5/11)
2017 WA Seniors' Lightning Champion: Craig Kinsman (6.5/11)

1st Under 2000: Chirag Saroha (6.5/11)
1st Under 1750: Sri Krishna Dharmapuri (6.5/11)
1st Under 1550 and Unrated: Neville Shah (6.0/11)

Cross Table

 Pos NAME                 Rtg   T  Fed  Pts |   1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10    11    
   1 Boyd, Tristan        2426  FM  WA  9.0 | +W27  +B8   =W4   +B6   -W2   +B15  =B5   +W7   +W3   +B13  +W11   
   2 Kuybokarov Temur     2504  IM UZB  8.5 | +B24  +W13  +B3   =W5   +B1   =W7   +B4   -W8   =B6   +W10  +B12   
   3 Hare, Tim            2043      WA  8.0 | +W21  +B9   -W2   +B17  +W15  -B4   +W6   +W5   -B1   +B7   +W16   
   4 Ferozkohi, Ihsan     2232      WA  8.0 | +B10  +W22  =B1   +W12  -B5   +W3   -W2   +B13  +B7   +W19  =B6    
   5 Gong, Patrick        2302  FM  WA  8.0 | +W25  +B7   +W12  =B2   +W4   +B6   =W1   -B3   +W8   -B11  +W13   
   6 Choong, Yita         2327  FM  WA  7.0 | +B16  +W19  +B14  -W1   +B13  -W5   -B3   +W20  =W2   +B8   =W4    
   7 Saroha, Chirag       1903      WA  6.5 | +B26  -W5   +B16  +W18  +B8   =B2   +W12  -B1   -W4   -W3   +B20   
   8 Kelly, Adam          2009  CM  WA  6.5 | +B30  -W1   +B24  =W20  -W7   +B17  +W10  +B2   -B5   -W6   +B19   
   9 Kinsman, Craig C     1860      WA  6.5 | +B31  -W3   -B18  +W30  +B26  +W20  -B13  =W11  -B10  +W17  +B22   
  10 Dharmapuri, Sri Kris 1703      WA  6.5 | -W4   +B29  +B22  -W13  +B19  =W11  -B8   +W18  +W9   -B2   +W15   
  11 Hardegen, Andrew     2078      WA  6.5 | +W23  -B15  -W17  =W19  +B31  =B10  +W25  =B9   +W16  +W5   -B1    
  12 Pavez Cuevas Luciano 2052     CHI  6.0 | +B18  +W20  -B5   -B4   +W16  +W24  -B7   +B15  -W13  +B14  -W2    
  13 Carolin-Unkovich, Ge 1957      WA  6.0 | +W28  -B2   +W15  +B10  -W6   +B25  +W9   -W4   +B12  -W1   -B5    
  14 Shah, Neville           0      WA  6.0 | +W17  +B27  -W6   -B15  -B24  +W31  -B20  +W22  +B23  -W12  +W21   
  15 Holland, Dennis      1885      WA  5.5 | +B34  +W11  -B13  +W14  -B3   -W1   +B24  -W12  +B25  =W20  -B10   
  16 De Vas Gunawardhana, 1722      WA  5.5 | -W6   +B32  -W7   +B28  -B12  +W26  +B22  =W19  -B11  +W25  -B3    
  17 Dagza, Ben           1751      WA  5.5 | -B14  +W30  +B11  -W3   =B18  -W8   +B26  +W23  -B19  -B9   +W33   
  18 Hurst, Benjamin      1684      WA  5.5 | -W12  +B33  +W9   -B7   =W17  -B23  +W21  -B10  -W22  +B32  +W27   
  19 Hardegen, Kathryn    1887 WFM  WA  5.5 | +W32  -B6   =W25  =B11  -W10  +B29  +W23  =B16  +W17  -B4   -W8    
  20 Janceski, Alex       1848      WA  5.5 | +W33  -B12  +W23  =B8   =W25  -B9   +W14  -B6   +W29  =B15  -W7    
  21 France, George       1580      WA  5.0 | -B3   -W31  +B34  -W24  +B30  -W22  -B18  +W33  +B28  +W29  -B14   
  22 Escalante, Lorenzo   1861      WA  5.0 | +W29  -B4   -W10  -B25  +W28  +B21  -W16  -B14  +B18  +W31  -W9    
  23 Curtis, Martin       1686      WA  5.0 | -B11  +W34  -B20  =W31  +B27  +W18  -B19  -B17  -W14  +W26  =B24   
  24 Wolstencroft, Alan   1738      WA  5.0 | -W2   +B28  -W8   +B21  +W14  -B12  -W15  -B29  =W27  +B30  =W23   
  25 Koehler, Colin       1721      WA  5.0 | -B5   +W26  =B19  +W22  =B20  -W13  -B11  +W28  -W15  -B16  +BYE   
  26 Sun, Victor          1387      WA  4.5 | -W7   -B25  +W33  +B27  -W9   -B16  -W17  =B32  +W34  -B23  +B29   
  27 Smith, Jonathan      1723      WA  4.5 | -B1   -W14  +B32  -W26  -W23  -B28  +W34  +B31  =B24  +W33  -B18   
  28 McAteer, Ian         1495      WA  4.0 | -B13  -W24  +B31  -W16  -B22  +W27  +B30  -B25  -W21  +W34  -B32   
  29 Dharmapuri, Kundan    937      WA  4.0 | -B22  -W10  -B30  +W32  +B34  -W19  +B33  +W24  -B20  -B21  -W26   
  30 Gale, Brian          1557      WA  3.5 | -W8   -B17  +W29  -B9   -W21  =B33  -W28  -B34  +W32  -W24  +B31   
  31 Pimenov, Alex         782      WA  3.5 | -W9   +B21  -W28  =B23  -W11  -B14  +W32  -W27  +B33  -B22  -W30   
  32 Cunningham, Robert   1285      WA  2.5 | -B19  -W16  -W27  -B29  -W33  +B34  -B31  =W26  -B30  -W18  +W28   
  33 Vearncombe, Sebastia  675      WA  2.0 | -B20  -W18  -B26  =W34  +B32  =W30  -W29  -B21  -W31  -B27  -B17   
  34 Yong, Aimos          1200     AUS  1.5 | -W15  -B23  -W21  =B33  -W29  -W32  -B27  +W30  -B26  -B28  -BYE