2018 WA State Lightning Championship

2018 WA State Lightning Champion Temur Kuybokarov

The 2018 WA Lightning Championship was held at Perth Chess Club (North Woodvale Primary School) on Sunday 23rd September. We were fortunate to have our local GM-elect Temur Kuybokarov participate, following his successes in the 2018 Gold Coast Open (which he won ahead of several strong GMs, securing his third and final GM norm) and more recently, a very strong performance in Abu Dhabi.

Congratulations to IM Temur Kuybokarov -- 2018 WA Lightning Chess Champion.

Temur's picket-fence score (11.0/11), was particularly impressive given the strength of the field. Finishing 2nd with 8.0/11 was FM Patrick Gong; 3rd place was shared between FM Tristan Boyd, Ihsan Ferozkohi and 2018 WA Junior Champion Brent Geronimo (7.5/11).

Congratulations to WFM Kathryn Hardegen (6.5/11) -- 2018 WA Women's Lightning Chess Champion.

Congratulations to Alex Janceski and Craig Kinsman -- 2018 WA Seniors Lightning Chess Champions.

After both players finished the tournament on 6.0/11, participants and spectators were treated to a 2-game playoff. While Alex won the first playoff game, Craig was able to level the score in the second game. Consequently the title was jointly awarded to both players.

In the Under 2000 rating category, 1st prize was won by Brent Geronimo (7.5/11), with Ben Dagza and Ross List sharing 2nd (6.0/11).

The under 1500 rating prize was shared by 4 players on 5.0/11: Oscar Gao, Alistair Berry, Jamie Laubbacher and Alex Pimenov.

A steel chess-themed fire pit, kindly donated to CAWA by Marc Vlietstra, was awarded as a `Biggest Upset Prize' to the player who, in the opinion of the arbiter, achieved a significant upset win with the potential to change the tournament outcome. The fire pit was awarded to Nedeljko Tomic (1789), for his Round 1 win over FM Tristan Boyd (2414).

It took a few rounds for some players to get used to the new Fischer time control (3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move). Feedback suggests that the increment is preferred, and in my view, the quality of the games played supports this. CAWA has adopted this time control for future WA Blitz Championships. The new rule regarding illegal moves (a player's first completed illegal move no longer loses immediately, but results in a 1 minute time bonus to the opponent) requires some extra work for the arbiter to implement -- again, however, feedback from players suggests that the rule change is popular. As is always the case in blitz, some difficult rulings were required, so I thank all players for their cooperation and for accepting my rulings in good spirit.

Thank you to CAWA President Alan Wolstencroft and my wife Kathryn for their help on the day, which enabled the tournament to run as smoothly and successfully as it did.

Report kindly provided by Andrew Hardegen - Chief Arbiter

Cross Table

 Pos NAME                 Rtg   T  Fed  Pts |   1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10    11  
   1 Kuybokarov,Temur     2584  IM  OS 11.0 | +W10  +B6   +W8   +B5   +W2   +B3   +W4   +B12  +W9   +B7   +W13  
   2 Gong,Patrick         2399  FM  WA  8.0 | +W21  +B11  +W16  +B8   -B1   -W5   +B17  +W13  +B4   +W6   -B3 
   3 Boyd,Tristan         2414  FM  WA  7.5 | -B13  +W22  =B4   +W23  +B9   -W1   -B6   +W21  +W5   +B12  +W2 
   4 Geronimo,Brent       1892      WA  7.5 | +W23  =B12  =W3   =B6   +W21  +W16  -B1   +B5   -W2   +B15  +W9 
   5 Ferozkohi,Ihsan      2262      WA  7.5 | +B17  +W7   +B13  -W1   +B15  +B2   =W12  -W4   -B3   +W8   +B6 
   6 Hardegen,Kathryn     1937 WFM  WA  6.5 | +B24  -W1   +B17  =W4   +B13  -B12  +W3   +W7   +B8   -B2   -W5 
   7 Vlietstra,Marc       2031      WA  6.5 | +W20  -B5   =W12  -B21  +W10  +B11  +W15  -B6   +W13  -W1   +B16  
   8 Andador,Dominador    2063      WA  6.0 | +B18  +W9   -B1   -W2   -B17  +W19  +B16  +B15  -W6   -B5   +W12 
   9 Dagza,Ben            1923      WA  6.0 | +W25  -B8   +W14  -B15  -W3   +B20  +W18  +B17  -B1   +W16  -B4 
  10 List,Ross            1828      WA  6.0 | -B1   -W13  -B24  +W22  -B7   +BYE  +W20  +B14  -W15  +B21  +W19 
  11 Janceski,Alex        1919      WA  6.0 | +B19  -W2   +B18  -B16  -W14  -W7   +BYE  +B22  -W12  +B23  +W15  
  12 Kinsman,Craig C      2042      WA  6.0 | +B22  =W4   =B7   =W13  +B16  +W6   =B5   -W1   +B11  -W3   -B8 
  13 Tomic,Nedeljko       1789      WA  5.5 | +W3   +B10  -W5   =B12  -W6   +B21  +W14  -B2   -B7   +W17  -B1 
  14 Hintz,Steven         1540      WA  5.5 | +BYE  -W16  -B9   +W24  +B11  -W15  -B13  -W10  =W20  +BYE  +B22 
  15 Gao,Oscar            1251      WA  5.0 | -B16  +W19  +B22  +W9   -W5   +B14  -B7   -W8   +B10  -W4   -B11 
  16 Calado,Edward        2049      WA  5.0 | +W15  +B14  -B2   +W11  -W12  -B4   -W8   +B18  +W17  -B9   -W7 
  17 Wolstencroft,Alan    1764      WA  5.0 | -W5   +B20  -W6   +B25  +W8   +B18  -W2   -W9   -B16  -B13  +W23 
  18 Berry,Alistair       1275      WA  5.0 | -W8   +B25  -W11  +B19  +B23  -W17  -B9   -W16  -B21  +BYE  +W24 
  19 Laubbacher,Jamie     1000      WA  5.0 | -W11  -B15  +W20  -W18  +B24  -B8   -W21  +B25  +BYE  +W22  -B10 
  20 Pimenov,Alex         1084      WA  5.0 | -B7   -W17  -B19  +BYE  +W25  -W9   -B10  =W23  =B14  +B24  +W21 
  21 McAteer,Ian          1764      WA  4.5 | -B2   +W24  =B23  +W7   -B4   -W13  +B19  -B3   +W18  -W10  -B20 
  22 Laugery,Bernard A    1143      WA  4.0 | -W12  -B3   -W15  -B10  +BYE  +W23  +B24  -W11  +W25  -B19  -W14 
  23 Quadros,Isaac        1000      WA  4.0 | -B4   +BYE  =W21  -B3   -W18  -B22  +W25  =B20  +W24  -W11  -B17 
  24 Arivuchelvan,Arivath 1000      WA  3.0 | -W6   -B21  +W10  -B14  -W19  +B25  -W22  +BYE  -B23  -W20  -B18 
  25 Balamurukan,Athme(W) 1000      WA  1.0 | -B9   -W18  +BYE  -W17  -B20  -W24  -B23  -W19  -B22  -BYE   --  
  26 Kelly,Adam       (W) 2170  CM  WA  0.5 | -BYE  =BYE   --    --    --    --    --    --    --    --    --