2020 Faber Spring Allegro Championship

Faber Vineyard

The 2020 Faber Spring Allegro Championship (7 rounds at 15 mins + 3 sec increment per move time control) was played at Faber Vineyard in the Swan Valley on the 1st of November.

We started off with 24 Players. One contacted me a few days earlier and indicated something had come up and he needed to withdraw. Another one rang in the morning looking for a lift from Midland railway station. When I indicated that I was unable to organise anything for him he decided to withdraw. Two players simply did not turn up. That left us with 20 players in the tournament. Lunch was well received by the players and at $12.50 was a bargain. John from Faber Winery seemed quite happy to have had us there and I'm sure he will ask us back.

Report kindly provided by Norbert Muller.

Prize Winners

  1st: Yihe (Rebo) Fu
 =2nd: Tim Hare and Keegan O'Mahoney  

  1st: Wolfgang Leonhardt
  2nd: VC Leong

  U/1300 & Unrated
  1st: Vinoth
  2nd: Anujh Miranda

Final Standings

 1        Yihe (Rebo) Fu           6.0  
 2-3      Tim Hare                 5.5
          Keegan O'Mahoney         5.5
 4-5      David Ellis              5.0
          Edward Calado            5.0
 6        Wolfgang Leonhardt       4.5
 7-9      Michael Horstman         4.0
          Andrew Hardegen          4.0
          Jamie Laubacher          4.0
 10       V C Leong                3.5
 11-15    Gordon Dunlop            3.0
          Nedeljko Tomic           3.0
          Paul Howells             3.0
          Dylan Gough              3.0
          Iker Hernandez Mendez    3.0
 16-17    Robin Shaw               2.5
          Vinoth                   2.5
 18       Yung Fu Leong            2.0
 19       Anujh Miranda            1.5
 20       Cruz Miranda             0.5