2020 Future Star Christmas Chess Tournament

2020 Future Star Xmas Tournament

The 2020 Future Star Christmas Chess Tournament was held in UWA Ezone on the 12th of December. With Christmas just around the corner, and Saturday being traditionally dominated by extra-curriculum activities, it was fantastic seeing 62 young chess players turning up for our last event of 2020.

With only a small number of entrants in the Advanced division, we had a combined Intermediate-Advanced division. However, the tournament remained a very closely fought affair, with various Intermediate players managed to defeat their advanced counterparts. The day passed with no major incidents (Shout out to our amazing arbiters Josh, Danush, Alan, Paul and Georgina). A big Thank You must also go out to all the parents for adhering to the tournament rules. Without your support, the tournament wouldn't have been made possible.

Congratulations to our prize winners (and for everyone involved!):

Gold: Daryoush Rafiei Darani (6/7), Silver: Eu Jin Khaw (5.5/7), Bronze: Eamon Harris (5/7)
Merit Awards: Eu Ming Khaw (5)

Gold: Jayden Song (6/7), Silver: Jerry Wu (5/7), Bronze: Noah Taylor (5/7)
Merit Awards: Matthew Chang (4.5), Stefan Veselinovic (4), Annalise Taylor (4), Oliver Tran (4), Jaswanth Ram Sethuraman (4), Thomas He (4), Jasmine Wu (4), Asten Sulak (4), Dario Manzi (4)

Gold: Timofey Klimenko (7/7), Silver: Toma Lassmann (5.5/7), Bronze: Avan Chung (5/7)
Merit Awards: Harrison Palmer (5), Sebastian Gough (4.5), Nicholas Cooper (4.5), Emily Liu (4), Asher Nissen (4)

Special mention goes out to Eu Jin and Eu Ming, for coming 1st in our Puzzles Solving competition, as well to Adan and Mack, for coming 2nd on time.
The event photos are courtesy of CAWA Facebook and kindly provided by Shirley Sun and are not to be used for commercial purposes.