2020 Junior Interclub Tournament

2020 Junior Interclub Tournament

A Junior Interclub tournament was held on 22nd November at the Maccabi Club. Four Junior teams competed. Chess Emperor, Dalkeith Junior Chess Club, Kingsley Junior Chess Club and Maccabi Junior Chess with a total of 55 players taking part. The time limit was 10 minutes.

The teams were divided into three divisions.

The results of the First division were:

1st Chess Emperor: 13 points (Anthony Milner, Matthew Chang, Noah Taylor and Annalise Taylor).
2nd Kingsley Juniors: 10.5 points (Eric Deng, Eamon Harris, Marshall Dunstan and Shuvekha Siva Peragasam).
3rd Maccabi Juniors: 8.5 points (Raphael Resnick, Daniel Levin, Mia Cohen and Yonatan Kitay).
4th Dalkeith Juniors: 8 points (Dayroush Rafiei Darani, Jayden Arav, Nathan Arav and Jin Yu Lim).

The results of the Second division were:

1st Chess Emperor; 14 points (Ewan Fisher, Daren Vinod, Jaswanth Ram Sethurarman and Stefan Veselinovic).
2nd Dalkeith Juniors: 10 points (Kobe Wu, Jayden Song, Callan Arav and Edward Young).
3rd Kingsley Juniors: 8.5 points (James Kroger, Pax Ru, Datis Dadras and Lionel Nguyen).
4th Maccabi Juniors:7.5 points (Natan Diamant, Dario Manzi, Timofey Klimenko and Josh Sebbag).

The results of the Third division were:

1st Kingsley Juniors: 15 points (Heshikka Siva Peragasam, Brody Dunstan, Tiago Davison, Arsham Rahnama, Enrico Reyes, Artin Rahnama and Jake Ru).
2nd Maccabi Juniors: 12.5 points (Oz Caro, Ryan Yao, Joshua Kur, Shiloh Sar Tov, Yishai Kitay and Ben Smith).
3rd Chess Emperor: 11 points (Dillon Vinod, Issac Fisher, Alvina Ashok and Joshua Taylor).
4th Dalkeith Juniors: 10.5 points (Eric Young, Isaac Bombardieri, Jade Duong, Ryan Florence and Casey Florence).

To conclude an excellent performance by the Chess Emperor teams in the First and Second divisions which they won by impressive margins. Equally the Kingsley Juniors won the Third division by a healthy margin.

Special thanks to the following people that provided assistance Georgina Harris, (data entry) Paul Harris, (Tournament organiser) and Shai Levin (venue and general organisation).

Below is the link to the Tornelo results for the tournament:


Below is the link to the photos taken by Kim Harris:


Report kindly provided by Alan Wolstencroft.