2020 Xmas Team Blitz Tournament

The Xmas Team Blitz (3minutes plus 2 seconds) was held at the North Woodvale Primary School on Sunday, 13th December. There were 32 participants divided into three divisions. For the upper two divisions (Open and Junior Rated) team blitz was played similar to the Team Lightning event last hosted by Gordon Dunlop in 2014. For many years this was a popular end of the year tournament event. The only difference is that this time we stuck to one-time control and teams of two, rather than three.

The open division consisted of six teams of two players; Andrew Hardegen & Ned Tomic, Jamie Laubbacher & Edward Calado, Keegan O'Mahoney & Sarah Jane Hearne, Patrick Gong & Jonathan Smith and Tim Hare & Dylan Gough. The winners were Jamie & Edward. 2nd= were Tim & Dylan and Patrick & Jonathan.

The second division consisted of rated Juniors. There were five team of two players with some interchange between divisions. The teams were Celine Ong & Datis Dadras/Brody Dunstan, Eamon Harris & James Kroger, Eric Deng & Jerry Wu, Jayden Song & Marshall Dunstan and Shannon Koh & Shuvekha Siva Peragasam. The winners were Eric & Jerry (14 points) and second were Shannon & Shuvekha (13 points).

In the lower division an individual Blitz tournament was held. The players were Billy Wilson, Brody Dunstan, Charis Ong, Dario Manzi, Datis Dadras, Heshikka Siva Peragasam, Jayden Chan, Madina Manzi, Orlando Arriagada Thomas, Mason Conte and Sebastian Gough, Joint first were Brody and Heshikha. Equal third were Charis and Datis.

Special thanks to the all the people that provided assistance including Andrew Hardegen (Open Division), Dylan Gough,(general) Georgina Harris (junior registration and database) and Paul Harris, (overall control of the two Junior divisions).

Report kindly provided by Alan Wolstencroft.

2020 Xmas Team Blitz - Open Division

  1st: Jamie Laubbacher & Edward Calado   14.5/20   
 =2nd: Patrick Gong & Jonathan Smith      11.5/20
 =2nd: Tim Hare & Dylan Gough             11.5/20

2020 Xmas Junior Team Blitz

          # Team Name                    Top Player      Score  Players  
 Gold     1 CAWA - Eric-Jerry            Jerry Wu        14.0      2
 Silver   2 CAWA - Shannon-Shuvekha      Shannon Koh     13.0      2
 Bronze   3 CAWA - Jayden-Marshall       Jayden Song     12.0      2
          4 CAWA - Eamon-James           Eamon Harris    10.5      2
          5 CAWA - Celine-Datis-Brody    Celine Ong      10.5      3