2021 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2021 Harris Interclub Competition was held at Southern Suburbs Chess Club (Leeming Primary School) on Sundays 22nd and 29th August.

The competition was hard-fought, though with all games being played in a friendly spirit. The present format continues to be popular with 9 teams participating, representing the 4 largest CAWA-affiliated clubs.

The games have been ACF-rated in the September 2021 list.

The final standings are as follows:


1st: University of WA - 10.5/16 [FM Patrick Gong, Valerio Falasca, Eric Pan, Kevin Shah Mansouri, Joshua Fry]
2nd: Southern Suburbs Chess Club - 7.5/16 [Andrew Hardegen, Tim Hare, Edward Calado, Dominador Andador, WFM Kathryn Hardegen, David King]
3rd: Perth Chess Club - 6.0/16 [Jamie Laubbacher, Juan Talavera Rodriguez, Marc Saxon, Nedeljko Tomic]

Division B (all players below 1950 ACF)

1st: Southern Suburbs Chess Club - 10.0/16 [Oscar Gao, Gavin Soutar, Ian McAteer, Dylan Gough, Daniel Clarke]
2nd: Perth Chess Club - 7.5/16 [Abhay Bhatia, Ned Curthoys, Jonathan Smith, Charles Knight, David Strong]
3rd: Metropolitan Chess Club - 6.5/16 [David Barry, Evan Yeung, Marcus Simonds, Alex de Heer]

Division C (all players below 1550 ACF)

1st: Southern Suburbs Chess Club - 14.0/16 [Hui Huang, Josh Davoll, Steve Milovanovic, Angus Chen]
2nd: Perth Chess Club - 8.0/16 [Thomas Browning, Colin Walker, Ernest Boswarva, John Brooke, David Frankland]
3rd: University of WA - 2.0/16 [Joel Milligan, Daniel Du Toit, Mark Snow, Danny Marwick]

Congratulations to the winning teams from UWA and SSCC, and thank you to the club members who organised teams for this competition.

Report kindly provided by: FA Andrew Hardegen (Chief Organiser - 2021 CAWA Harris Interclub Competition)

2021 Harris Edwardes Final Results Sheet