2022 Chess Arena Carnival

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The first Chess Arena Carnival is officially OVER.       For those who weren't there - DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE!

41 avid players, hailing from all parts of the city, descended upon the Joondalup Recreation Centre, to partake in an afternoon of casual and social chess on Sunday 16th January 2022.

Parents, adults, and children alike were able to relax in the comfortable venue and enjoy delicious snacks kindly presented by Creative Catering.

The players involved all declared the day a great success and conveyed willingness to play again at the next occasion this format is presented.

This was pronounced a no-prize event and was created to encourage application from all those willing to participate, irrespective of age and ability.

The top 8 at the end of the day were:

Grandmaster Temur Kuybakarov (Australian Champion), Keegan O'Mahoney, Shannon Koh, Dennis Holland (Total Chess), Celine Ong (WA Girls Under 18 Champion), Daryoush Darani, Jamie Laubbacher (Current WA Champion) & Josh Davoll.

Players also included Chess Association of Western Australia President Alan Wolstencroft, who himself had a few enjoyable games in the afternoon.

All were able to:

Come late and join the fun immediately; Enjoy a treat at the local San Churro; Refuel with food and coffee at the nearby Dome; Get some shopping done at the Lakeside Shopping Centre; Read and enjoy quality time at the nearby Joondalup Public Library; Leave early to get to a birthday party or other event.

305 games played in total with an average of 9 games per player. Busiest player Edward Young was so motivated that he managed 17 games in the 4-hour period (Does anybody think they can beat that? - come along to the next one and try).

The games were played in great spirit and adherence to the international rules of chess, and disputes were kept to a minimum by organisers and qualified WA arbiters.

Most games were played with the default 10+2 time control, but there were also some games of 3+2, 10+0 and 5+0. This is a benefit of the Arena format, allowing players to play time limits they feel more comfortable, and therefore enjoying the experience all the more.

Again, we dearly thank all who came and if you enjoyed it please come to the next event which will be posted on facebook and CAWA soon. Why not invite some friends and family members to come and play too!

Check out the photos above! Do you recognise anyone you wish to challenge next time?

Report kindly provided by: Paul Harris - Kingsley Chess Club