2023 Australian Junior Chess Championships


The 2023 Australian Junior Chess Championships were held in Melbourne at Camberwell Grammar School, Canterbury from the 12th to the 20th of January.

Full results are available from the official website: https://sites.google.com/view/ajcc2023

Our Juniors performed very well.

2023 AJCC U18 Open
Ning Zhou - 21st U18 Open

2023 AJCC U16 Open
Rebo Fu - 1st U16 Open, 1st U18 Blitz, 1st U18 Problem Solving
Shanon Koh - 18th U16 Open

2023 AJCC U14 Open
Oscar Gao - 5th U14 Open, 2nd U16 Blitz
Yonal De Vas - 13th U14 Open
Paula Gruber - 51st U14 Open

2023 AJCC U10 Open
Kaviru Perera – 34th U10 Open

2023 AJCC U18 Girls
Celine Ong - 5th U18 Girls

2023 AJCC U14 Girls
Kobe Wu - 11th U14 Girls, 2nd U14 Girls Problem Solving

2023 AJCC U12 Girls
Charis Ong - 19th U12 Girls

2023 AJCC U10 Girls
Senudi De Vas - 5th U10 Girls, 2nd U10 Girls Blitz, 1st U10 Girls Problem Solving

Results kindly provided by: Faith Tee - CAWA Junior Vice-President